Idle Cogitations


Some random thoughts.

Esta noves.

In which are thoughts concerning an eclectic array of topics.

Some may even find them interesting.

Idle Cogitations, some from the past dealing with being a Venturing Crew Advisor or working with youth.

Idle Cogitation #10

It is a small room, upstairs in a corner, frequently overlooked. But with the larger rooms damaged or in use, it is where they meet. The men, mostly in their 70’s, battered by time yet still hale, gather for the first time in more than a year. Sharing stories old and new, joshing each otherContinue reading “Idle Cogitation #10”

A Devotional on Courage

This is a devotional I gave at a Venturing leader’s event on Sunday some years ago. A devotional on Courage Venturing Oath As a Venturer,I promise to do my duty to Godand help strengthen America,to help others, andto seek truth, fairness,and adventurein our world. Venturing Code As a Venturer, I believe that America’s strength liesContinue reading “A Devotional on Courage”

Idle Cogitations No. 8

When Jesus talks about “the Abomination of Desolation” in Matthew 24:15, what is the linguistic and historical background that colors the phrase? The Greek is: τό βδέλυγμα της ερημώσεως Daniel 12:11 – שׁׅקּ֥ׅוּץ שׁמֵ֥ם – the abomination that desolates βδέλυγμα – abomination, something repugnant to sensibilities or morals שׁׅקֵּﭏ – “shiqqūa” – abomination – aContinue reading “Idle Cogitations No. 8”



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